VinnyVania: Castlevania - Part 01 CHAT ROOM ONLY

We head to the beginning, back to the days of Simon and the one true threat… Flea Men.

Unprofessional Fridays: 03/14/2014 CHAT ROOM ONLY

Find out what happens when the control surface ESCAPES THE CONTROL ROOM!!!

Internet quotes from online webzones

Because I denounced POPERY, and, apparently, the mods on these fair boards are being paid by illicit Vatican gold

As is well known, the United States is now, for all intents and purposes, an economic vassal of China’s, Horatio to China’s Hamlet. What is not well known, however (thanks to the Popish media apparatus) is that the Communist Party is nothing but a Dominican institution (as a matter of historical fact, Mao Zedong was a Dominican friar). Therefore, who’s to blame for outsourcing? Not the American enterpreneur, but rather the sinister cabal of the Vatican. Indeed, they control not only China through the Dominican order through the Communist Party, but they also control the world of fashion (Carlo Maria Martini, the cardinal of Milan, is, on his off hours, a fashion trade designer). In the 2000’s, when the decree went out from Milan (ergo, from ROme) that all women’s skirts should be only fourteen inches off the floor, every family budget in the United States was unbalanced in a frantic effort to achieve the “new look”. It is easy to predict that, when skirts get about as short as they can possibly go, a Popish edict will be handed down again, and otherwise sensible American women, even when they cannot afford such extravagance, will throw or give away perfectly gopd dresses in order to buy new ones which will meet the fashion dictates of a half dozen bloodthirsty cardinals.

But then again, what would you expect from an organization that murdered two American presidents? John Wilkes Booth was a cryptopapist, while JFK was murdered when he did not bow to the Vatican’s commands.

Internet quotes from online webzones

Few people are as dominant across so many facets of a given field as is across every corner of the music industry. He’s a recording artist in The Black Eyed Peas, and as a solo performer, he’s a songwriter, DJ and record producer.

But that’s far from all he does. He’s also a TV and movie star, philanthropist, technology nut and entrepreneur. What doesn’t do?

Internet quotes from online webzones

First time I gave my number to anyone was a Blasian in high school. We were assigned to do a project together, and we exchanged emails. A week later we got an A on the project and she said “hey we should hang out sometime” so I gave her my number.

She called a week later and invited me to lunch on a weekend. Afterwards she asked if I wanted to “chill” at her house so I was like sure. We played DS together, and did that for a few months. Often we’d play in her bed, just cuddling. Never really did anything sexual although she let me put my fingers through her hair, I got a handjob, and she let me finger her. But we mainly played Mario Kart.

Later when the DS Lite came out we got together and she gave me a bag of accessories she got at Gamestop for free. I opened it and there was a new stylus, and screen protector, and a piece of paper. I didn’t pay attention to the paper initially, but later that day I took a closer look and it contained a list of about 10 friend codes of dudes she occasionally hung out with. I confronted her with it and it confirmed my suspicions, it was a list of dudes she was playing with.

She said she really didn’t put it in the bag on purpose (her Gamestop gift card was in there as well, so it might be the truth) but the fact of the matter is, she made a list, for some reason kept it and it ended up in a giftbag meant for me. I had met some of the guys on there, drank pop with them and she still hung out with them. It just didn’t feel right to me.

I know it all happened before my time (she didn’t cheat on me, let’s get that straight) but I literally knew every guy she played Mario Kart with (and still hung out with), I had real trouble thinking of reasons of how it would ever be okay again.

I wound up getting a PSP and never talking to her again.

nickieroonie asked:

What are some of your favorite games?

Wow, you actually picked up the baton!

Ye asked and ye shalt therefore surely receive…

Here are 11 video games that I played quite a bit of, so I must have liked them well enough. If this tumblr answer popup wasn’t so stupidly small, and if it allowed me to upload more than one image at a time, this post would then contain about 80 or 90 titles from off of the top of my head.

Thanks for asking!